What they do in private Created by Rasam Arabzadeh in Rasam Carpet Museum


مشخصات فنی اثر Technical Specifications
ساعت کاربری
Man / hours Worked
تعداد رنگ
No. of Colours
تعداد گره در 7 سانتیمتر مربع
Knots per 7 cm2
رج شمار
No. of Rows
عرض سانتی متر
Width (cms)
طول سانتی متر
Length (cms)

What they do in private Carpet Panel

اثر استاد رسام عربزاده

Another specimen of Master Arabzadeh’s ” Cubist ” designs where the freedom of the style is matched by the coarseness of the weave and the brightness of the colours used.

The scene depicts a wild party in which the rowdy merry–makers are doing just the opposite of what they preach in public.

A famous couplet from Hafez has been used by Rassam as his starting point.

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Created by Rasam Arabzadeh