Saqinameh Carpet Panel (Arafi Shirazi) created by Rasam Museum in Rasam Museum


مشخصات فنی اثر Technical Specifications
ساعت کاربری
Man / hours Worked
تعداد رنگ
No. of Colours
تعداد گره در 7 سانتیمتر مربع
Knots per 7 cm2
رج شمار
No. of Rows
عرض سانتی متر
Width (cms)
طول سانتی متر
Length (cms)

Birds in a Cage Carpet Panel

Created by Rasam Arabzadeh

Come, give the butler that fiery potion so that I will give up disbelief and religion

(Arafi Shirazi)

(Mulan Muhammad bin Khwaja Zainuddin Ali bin Jamaluddin Shirazi, nicknamed Jamaluddin and surnamed Arafi, one of the famous poets of the 10th century AH in Shiraz)

Saqinamehs were used in the form of cushions (mukhdah) on the couch in the house of master painter Arabzadeh, and when guests were present at the master’s house and each person sat on the couch, one of the saqinamehs was placed on the back of each guest. Since a poem by a famous Iranian poet is woven on each of the saqınamehs, in order to spice up the atmosphere of the party, the master told the fortune of each of the guests based on the poem woven on the back of each person.

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Created by Rasam Arabzadeh