مشخصات فنی اثر Technical Specifications
ساعت کاربری
Man / hours Worked
تعداد رنگ
No. of Colours
تعداد گره در 7 سانتیمتر مربع
Knots per 7 cm2
رج شمار
No. of Rows
عرض سانتی متر
Width (cms)
طول سانتی متر
Length (cms)

Master’s anger carpet panel

Created by Rasam Arabzadeh

At the end of the 1360s, a carpet exhibition was held in Germany, where Master Rasam Arabzadeh and his daughter Mrs. Zila Rasam Arabzadeh were present as Mr. Fakher’s guest of honor. At this time, a person as a carpet merchant went to the master and requested to design and weave the text of the poem he wrote along with an image of his face. After designing the poem and picture of that person, the desired carpet was woven by the teacher’s daughter. In a friendly periodic poetry night session, which was held at the teacher’s house, one of the teacher’s friends, after seeing this carpet painting and the theme of the poem, and citing sufficient reasons that the said poem does not belong to the person who ordered the painting, stated that this poem It does not belong to this person. Upon hearing this, the professor became very angry and despite the great effort they had put into this painting, they first removed their signatures that they had woven on the top of the carpet painting, and then to express their anger, they removed the name and picture of the mentioned person. They did not remove from the surface of the carpet and cut a part of the carpet from top to bottom and they never hand over this carpet to that person.
It can be said that the cuts on the surface of the carpet are a sign of the master’s anger because of the lie of the person ordering the carpet.
The sound of the carpet
Walk on me slowly
I am the adornment and showman of your house
I am the fruit of the light of the eyes and fingers of the geniuses and masters and the beautiful girls and artists of the village women
Respect me, because I am a worthless commodity, don’t be a commodity of any market.

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Created by Rasam Arabzadeh