A Mystic's Contemplation Carpet Panel Created by Rasam Arabzadeh


مشخصات فنی اثر Technical Specifications
ساعت کاربری
Man / hours Worked
تعداد رنگ
No. of Colours
تعداد گره در 7 سانتیمتر مربع
Knots per 7 cm2
رج شمار
No. of Rows
عرض سانتی متر
Width (cms)
طول سانتی متر
Length (cms)

A Mystic’s Contemplation Carpet Panel

Created by Rasam Arabzadeh

Another rug that combines mystical thinking with innovative carpet design. Master Arabzadeh started the rug with only a vague idea in his head and eithout a finished cartoon. Each morning he would give his assistant instuctions to weave a protion of  the rug and then wait for the next night s contemplation to bring him fresh  inspiration to guide him on. when the rug was nearly finished he opened Rumi s  divan at random to choose an apt couplet to weave into the top of the rug. and he came across a line that told him everything he had done had been divinely inspired.

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Created by Rasam Arabzadeh